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In March of 2006, the Lord clearly communicated that He wants Christian teachers across the nation to be strategically praying for institutions of learning, especially our schools. He wants teachers who are already engaged in fervent prayers in their school and in their churches to continue to pray and those who are not yet praying to begin to do so.

The God we serve rules in the affairs of men and He desires to work in and through us to fulfill his divine purpose in the earth. He does not want us to be anxious about anything as this means we do not trust Him. The Father wants us to repent, purify our hearts and continue to fervently pray for the salvation of those in our spheres of influence. Our effectual fervent prayer will release the wisdom of God to harness the creative energies of our young people so that they can fulfil their purpose, living lives that glorifies God.

In response to the desire of the Father, a prayer initiative, Christian Teachers in Action (CTIA) was formed and officially launched on the 2nd of June 2006 on our global day of prayer in schools and during the season of 100 days of prayer for the nation. This initiative is in conjunction with the Student’s Christian Fellowship Scripture Union (SCFSU) and is endorsed by the Jamaica Youth for Christ (J.Y. F. C.), Aglow Jamaica, Prayer 2000 and the Shortwood Teachers College. It involves the school, the church and interested media groups independently and collectively praying for the education system and acting on the instructions given by God in response to our prayer. This means:

1. Christian Teachers will pray together in their schools, colleges and universities.

2. Christian Teachers will pray together in local churches.

3. Christian Teachers share their testimonies of the effectual work of the sacred principles they have used in their situations. Testimonies are shared through face to face interactions, electronic exchange and printed materials.

Prayer from a pure heart is an act of humility and is a prerequisite for the healing of our land (2 Chronicles 7:14). Many of us have proven the result of fervent prayer and know without a doubt that prayer changes things.

I urge you to heed the call of God to pray without ceasing and mobilize the Christian Teachers in your community to meet and pray for the institutions of learning that we have been called by God to serve. This is imperative if we are to be the redemptive agents God wants us to be in a hurting and needy world.

There are many teachers who already praying in their churches and schools. However, this is a cooperate effort designed to invoke God to heal our nation as he has promised. Christian teachers will be strategically praying in schools and churches for the following:

•    Thanksgiving for everyone who has served and is currently serving in the field of education..

•    Repentance for any way we have not honored God as Christian Teachers.There is a need for us to reflect Godly character, so that our students and everyone else in our spheres of influence will always see Christ in us.

•    An acceptance of the call of God to love and serve our students. We need a more compassionate heart to understand their troubles and an urgent desire to help as God wills and empowers us.

•    The Wisdom of God for creative teaching strategies, and opportunities for continuous education and personal development of teachers

•   The Salvation of our students. (KEY)

•     The Provision for and Protection of our students

•     The fulfillment of their God given purpose and potential.

•     The families to which these students belong.

•     Continued Christian liberty in our schools, devotions in schools etc. Our students need the knowledge/ experience of God. We need grace and peace multiplied to them through the knowledge of God.

•     The government especially the ministry of education.

•     Opportunities in the media to share of God’s excellent greatness and His marvelous works as he hears and answers our prayers.

•     ISCF/UCCF, YFC, Passion and Purity

•     Other prayer request from the principal and other members of the school community.


1. Christian Teachers will foster a good relationship with and seek to dialogue with Principals to ascertain the issues of concern for prayer.

2. Teachers will choose a staff representative/ contact that will be in charge of this time of cooperate prayer. This person can be the I.S.C.F Advisor. The name of this staff representative should be submitted to the S.C.F.S.U office. This teacher will communicate this vision to other members of staff, and may delegate different teachers to take the prayer meetings. The primary focus of the meeting will be always prayer from a pure heart.

3. Teachers pray in churches, schools and other educational Institutions

4. Teachers pray in their churches. This may be done through the Christian Education director of the church with the permission of the Minister.

5. Teachers will pray for and reach out to all members of their school community with the love of God.

6. We will document answered prayers and seek ways to share of God’s excellent greatness. The testimonies of answered prayers can be sent to the S.C.F.S.U office and JYFC for publication in the media. We will be seeking to establish a “Thank you God”, section in News Paper etc; to share what the God is doing in and through us in our schools..

7. Ministers of the gospel will be asked to make themselves available to take devotions and to minister to the school community at the start of each school term. They will also seek for ways to practically serve the schools in their areas.

8. We will also have times of coming together as Teachers across the nation to be refreshed, encouraged and pray for our education system.

Recommended Time for school prayer: Mondays: 30 – 60 minutes or any other time convenient to members of staff at your school..