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Founder & President

         Mrs. Donnette Norman, (Wolmer's Girls’ School)

Vice President

       Mrs. Clover Flowers, (Shortwood Teacher’s College & Mico University College)

                                         Ministry Of Education

Advisors.  Advisors: Rev. Stevenson Samuels, Mrs. Fredricka Foster-Allen, Dr. Mary Banks, Bishop Carlene Riley, Mrs. Cynthia Curtis, Dr Hazel Salmon, Mrs Esther Tyson, Rev Naila Ricketts. Mr Floyd Wilson, Rev Paul Morris, Andrew Norman (Wolmer's Boys' School)


 Verona Williams (Wolmer's Girls’ School)

  Ms Kiesha Jones- Administrative Assistant

Public Relations

Mr. Jermaine Johnson (St Catherine High School)

   Mrs, Eugenie French (St. Georges College)

Teacher Representatives-

Sub- Committee Members.- Core group - Ms. Sashiko Rhudd,( Clan Carthy High) Mrs.Tanya Brown, (St. Andrew Technical Hig

School), Mrs Curline Brown, ( Manchester High School), Mrs. Dawn Allison (Wolmers' Girls' School) Ms.Patricia

Bryan, Ms Halcian Gallimore


Donnette Norman - Founder and President

Donnette is a teacher at the Wolmer' Girls' School for the past 30 years. Prior to this she taught at the Melrose Primary and Junior High School for one year. She is a graduate of the Frazer Basic School, The Cascade Primary School, The Mount Zion High School, Holmwood Technical High School, Knox Community College, Mico University College, the University of Technology, the Jamaica Theological Seminary and the University of the West Indies where she completed a Master's Degree in Educational Administration. .

  She is an ordained minister since 1997 at the Bible Teachers International. She is also a trained Guidance Counsellor and Marriage Officer. Donnette is the founder and President of Christian Teachers in Action, Christian Youth Leaders In Action Mentoring and Training Programme and Co- Founder of Passion and Purity and Family Focus-Marriage is Honourable, a family and marriage enrichment programme.

She accredits much of what she does in ministry to the experiences gained through the for the SCFSU/ ISCF Interschool Christian Fellowship.

Her personal philosophy is “the word of God is the positive energy needed to bring lasting change, God’s word is most effective when it is seen in a life.” Her motto is Soli Deo Gloria! - Solely to the glory of God!

Dr. Clover Hamilton- Flowers.

Vice President

Mrs. Clover Flowers is a teacher, educator who has served for approximately 18 years at the secondary and tertiary levels. Her professional experience includes the development of courses and curriculum for various institutions, lecturing professional courses, designing, managing and evaluating instruction, participating in educational research, serving as a presenter at professional development seminars/workshops.

In addition to the above, are her experiences in the field of Scientific Research and Development for eight (8) years; and contributions to the spiritual development of children and adults. As a practitioner, she has integrated the varied experiences to influence her approach to classroom management in various contexts with favourable results. She is also an Ordained Minister.

She earned a PhD at the UWI where she is explored through qualitative inquiry, constructivism in teacher practice at the tertiary level. She lectured for many years at the Shortwood Teachers College the Mico University College. She is now works at the Ministry of Education as assistant Chief Education Officer and serves in the area of Curriculum Development.

Verona Williams -Administrator

Verona Williams is a past student of the Knox College, Knox Community College and the University of Technology. She is a teacher by profession and currently teaches at the Wolmer's High School For Girls.

She loves working with youths and have served them in various capacities in her church, school and the Interschool Christian Fellowship. She is highly grateful for the many experiences gained from the SCFSU/ ISCF Interschool Christian Fellowship. Her hobbies are dancing, reading and singing.

Mrs. Esther Tyson- Principal Represenatative.

Mrs Esther Tyson is the Principal Representative for Christian Teacher's In Action. She is the immediate past Principal of the Ardenne High School, in Kingston Jamaica for the Past 10 years. She has received many awards for her dedicated service to Education among these are:

        Outstanding service as Teacher and Vice Principal

        The Lasco/ Ministry of Education & Youth Award for Top Principal for Rejion 1 in 2007

In addition, Mrs Tyson is a writer & Gleaner Columnist. Her article appears in the Sunday Gleaner every first Sunday of the month. Mrs Tyson has been a Christian for 37 years and is married to Dr. Rawle Tyson of Christian Life Fellowship for 30 years. The Lord has blessed the union with three children. Mrs Tyson was recently appointed the Vice President of the Principal's Association.

Andrew Norman- Male Teacher Representative

Mr. Andrew Norman serves as an advisor and male teacher representative. He is an ordained minister of the gospel since 1997. He is also and Marriage Officer and a trained teacher and Guidance Counsellor by profession.

He is a graduate of the Buff Bay Primary School, Titchfield High School, the Trinity Theological Seminary of South Florida and the Jamaica Theological Seminary where he obtained a Bachelors degree in Theology minoring in Guidance and Counselling.

He now serves as Guidance Counsellor at the Wolmer's Boys' School. Andrew is the President and Co-founder of Passion and Purity and Family Focus-Marriage is Honourable, a family and marriage enrichment programme. Andrew is married to fellow minister of the gospel and teacher Donnette.

Bishop Carleen Riley= Advisor

Bishop Carleen Riley is one of the advisors of Christian Teachers In Action. She is an American who served as a pastor in Jamaica for 13 years at the Bible Teachers International Ministries.

She holds a BSC and Masters degree in Counselling and has worked for 14 years as a Guidance Counsellor and School Administrator in the United States.

She married to Bishop Edward E. Riley.     They are the proud parents of three children.

Mr. Paul Morris- Advisor

Mr. Paul Morris is a past student of Springfield All-Age School, Cornwall College, Sam Sharpe Teachers College and the University of the West Indies. As a trained Geography teacher, he also holds a Bachelors degree in Geography and Social Sciences and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Education Administration at the University of The West Indies. He accredits his love of the subject to his favorite high school teacher Mrs. Paulette Harty.

Apart from the fact that he has taught and held the position of Vice Principal at Team Work High School, Mr. Morris served for five years as staff worker for the SCFSU/ ISCF Interschool Christian Fellowship. He currently a full time Pastor in the New Testament Church He is one of the advisors of Passion and Purity and encourages young people to keep Christ as the centre of their lives. His hobbies include hiking, photography, indigenous craft, reading and travel.

Mr. Floyd Wilson - Advisor

 Floyd Wilson served at the Supervisor for Field Work and Tertiary Field Staff for Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (SCFSU). He has been working full time in student ministry of Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) for over 6 years. He is an experienced trainer, and organizer of camps, and conferences. He is passionate about sharing the gospel, leadership and discipleship.

Since 2012 he has been the co-host of “Campus Connection” a radio programme that is geared towards developing the spiritual lives of students. He is also a Board Director of Christian Camping International- Jamaica, an organization that seeks to develop Christ-centred camping ministries.